Lee Steer


Title Sequence

Employing a strong visual motif to succinctly portray the themes of an early example of experimental television effectively releases the defining concepts onto an awaiting audience, inviting the open interpretation of the fundamental dichotonomy utilised by David Lynch and Mark Frost to explore the darkness that lies beyond the domestic facade deployed across a remote town in the Pacific Northwest of America. A 2-dimensional window portrays the precisely defined threshold between the manifestation of two binary opposites in a 3-dimensional space, emphasising through subtlety the matter-of-fact nature of the dark mirror reflecting humanities evils. In opposition to this darkness is the realm the audience inhabits, temporarily safe from the cruel reality beyond this window that we are forcefully guided through in excruciating graduality until the evil that lurks within infiltrates the light dimension, indicated by the thick smoky substance diffusing through the portal. The sequence finishes with the final movement into unexplored territory to be deciphered in the following hour spent in the world of Twin Peaks.