Lee Steer


Top of Height Chart Close-up of Height Chart Entire Height Chart

Height Chart

This height chart was created with the prompt of forming a narrative with five objects that hold some importance to me. I decided to follow the theme of nostalgia by referencing the rush to grow-up that is immediately followed by nostalgia and yearning for the past once you do grow up. Initially a publication brief, I decided upon a concertina bind in reference to the ever-present height chart affixed to my bedroom door as a way of visually representing the mental growth that accompanies the physical changes a child undergoes. This creates a timeline of my youth that gradually moves forward based on my height at different ages and the toy that featured during that period.

The photos in the narrative use a consistent left-to-right timeline to represent objects coming into my life, before they move into the past after they are finished with–using the physical object to represent their actual place in life, and the shadow to represent the thoughts behind them. Shadows are cast to the left of the objects to represent the rush to finish childhood, with the shadows showing the figurative pushing back of the objects by the desire to grow-up. The shadows get larger as childhood progresses before an abrupt moment when childhood is over represented by the empty frame. The light source then moves over to the left to reflect the change in thought when intense shadows are cast to the right to represent the memories of childhood being pushed into the future through nostalgia and a yearning for the past.