Lee Steer



Cellphone Symphony

The cellphone symphony poster utilises a sqaure and circle motif to represent the two central themes behind the concert, drawn from new media artist Golan Levin’s combination of his engineering and technology background, with the art and music focus. The square based elements, including the typography and the electronic, antenna symbol, represent the engineering side due to their rigidity and precision as well as their compact placement reminiscent of an engineer’s placement of components within a machine to maximise efficiency. The circular elements, based on a phone number represented by the sizes of the original circles, represent the free-flowing art-focused side of the concert intended to give a visual representation of the music through the manipulation of the shapes by stretching them across the poster. These two elements are intertwined through the overlapping feature that emphasises the combination of the two disciplines that goes into the concert. The interconnected elements also represents the overall theme of connection that is featured in the concert, through the connection of people’s phones to produce the music as well as the social connection that the concert is focused on.